Speculation of Schoolboys for Schoolboys

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Community has never prided itself on romance - or on being one genre for more than one episode at a time - but the constant wasted opportunities and neglect for Jeff Winger and Annie Edison have tested those shippers’ last nerve. Given that Community would much rather keep teasing and reviving the much less popular Jeff/Britta pairing - complete with a half-hearted wedding proposal leading up to the possible series finale - it is quite alienating and baffling to a rather vocal part of an already small audience.

Community is a show that could have benefited quite a lot from a Jeff/Annie relationship, both creatively and commercially. Yet Dan Harmon’s missteps and downright cowardice on this front are the direct opposite of what Michael Schur and his writers keep accomplishing a half-hour later. It’s no wonder that Parks and Recreation is up to seven seasons and may get to craft a real ending in advance, while Community crosses its fingers again for its long, satirically promised sixth season - a.k.a. another chance to disappoint all its shippers.

Robert Dougherty, Parks and Recreation: The Safest Show Left for Shippers (via guiltiestofpleasures)

ahahahahahahhahaahhahahhah guys community isn’t worthwhile anymore bc i want to see one character kiss this character instead of that one.

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Marxist literature comments:

"Please stop romanticizing that."
“You’ve missed the point.”
“It’s not a love story.”
“It’s actually a condemning piece.”
“To determine the exact value of this novel(without using a calculator) you need to cross multiply.”

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Another little thing, replacing women’s facing with animal’s.

Trying to express the concept that women are perhaps viewed as nothing more than pieces of meat. I left the genitals exposed for this one, unlike my male version of these to also add to the fact we’re used to seeing women’s bodies everywhere, but not men’s- maybe suggesting the idea that women’s sexuality and bodies are owned by society. 

Sex and the City, Chippendales, Calvin Klein underwear adverts, Levi’s Laundrette, Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski, Twilight, David Beckham underwear ads, Eqqus, Free!

None of this things are real.  Only Feels. 


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A little thing I did.

Replacing the male genitals with an object that has connotations of pain and fear. Hypodermic needle, scissors and a meat cleaver. 

I wanted to leave them plain and simple, but i think i might do some further photoshop on them.

This is the edgiest thing ever since Hot Topic started selling black nailpolish and MCR pins 

I don’t know how about you, but scissors don’t really strike terror into my heart.

Arts and crafts are very terrifying when you need to cut out the felt to make a little bunny